The Duus Complex

The Duus Museum is a complex of a few interesting houses connected together both literally and historically. The oldest one, the Harbour house, was built in 1877 and the youngest one, the Reception building was built in 2017, thus presenting constructious history of about 140 years. 


1877 Harbour House


The Harbour House is the oldest house in the Duus complex. The Danish merchant Hans Peter Duus had the house built as a warehouse for the Duus company in 1877.  The house was very big at that time, 250 m2, two floors and an attic. When Reykjanesbær began restoration of the house they tried to keep it‘s original look, which you can best see on the second and third floor where all the woodwork is original. You can also see Hans Peters Duus monogram, HPD, carved in multiple places.  In the attic you can see the original winding wheel that was used to pull up the merchandice. The merchandice reception was on the first floor and from there lay the Duus pier. From the pier lay rails that you could drive carriages on. That way the merchandice transportation was easier and faster.

1890 Movie Hall 


The house was built in 1890 and was mainly used in various aspects of the fishing industry. The Hall is considered one of Icelands first cinemas but in 1927 it was restored as a cinema and was in use for 2-3 years. Later the house was again used for the fishing industry and in 2006 it was restored and is now used for diverse cultural activities.

1954 - The Pit, Art Hall and Boat Hall


These younger houses of the Duus complex are all made out of concrete and were specially built for the fishing industry. The oldest of these houses is the Boat Hall, built in 1954 but the other two halls were built later. The Pit is close in age but the Art Hall is the youngest houses, built in 1970. It has been difficult to find out when exactly these three houses were built.  Before, sheds called Lönguskúrar (Long Sheds) stood in the same place and were used for processing of the fish and as a storage place.  Technically these three houses are not a part of the Duus complex but they were all built after the Duus family closed their business.

1997 Kaffi Duus Restaurant                                                                                                                                   

The restaurant is connected to the Duus complex but is an independent business.


Houses in the nearest area

1870 Gamla búð (Old Shop)


Gamla búð (Old Shop) stands south of Duus Museum. The Duus family had it built in 1870. The shop was on the first floor but the merchant lived on the second floor. The house is mostly original and is now under restoration.

1882 Fischers House


Waldemar Fischer had the house built for his shop and as a resident house in 1882. Fischers House was considered the most beautiful house in all of South Iceland. The house was imported from Denmark with all the wood marked and ready to be set up. Not a single nail was used in the structure. In 1900 the Fischers shop was sold to the Duus company, who then moved its business over there. The house is now under restoration.