They Made Their Marks

Heiðabúar scout group celebrates it's 80th anniversary this year and on this occasion the exhibition They Made Their Marks is now open at the History Museum in Duus. The exhibition depicts the history of Heiðabúar scout group showing lots of different kind of objects and clothing as well as describing the highlights from this long history.  Heiðabúar scout group was founded on the 15th of September 1937 and it's main founder and leader was Helgi S. Jónsson. Heiðabúar was the first scout group in the world to offer both boys and girls to take part in it's activities. Heiðabúar has been very fortunate to have loyal members that have worked and served the group for many years and some their whole life.

The scouting movement was founded by Lord Baden Powell in 1907. The scouting method is an informal educational system in character training with the goal of helping participants become independent and helpful and thereby become healthy and happy citizens. Powell also saw the scouts as a means to promote an all-rounded education for young people – giving a sense of purpose, duty and ability to work together. The movement came to Iceland in the beginning of the last century and is embedded with many traditions in Iceland. The scouts have always made their mark with their decorative costumes and by taking part in all the major events in each town such as parading on the Icelandic national day, the first day of summer and a number of other activities. The exhibition runs until 20th of August and is open everyday from 12 - 5 pm.