The Art Museum of Reykjanesbær begins the year 2019 with a solo exhibit of works by the artist Guðjón Ketilsson. The exhibition is titled “Teikn”, meaning symbol, omen or sign, and consists of eight different works which all have aspects of symbols, symbolism or the “reading” in the most general sense. The artist has put equal effort and thought into works in three-dimensional space and on two-dimensional paper. The work is at the same time a master craft and contemplation on the existence of man, the mark he makes on reality with his actions and the methods he employs to be understood in his own cultural community. Many of Guðjón’s greatest works are full of allusions, symbols and references that form a kind of subjective space that the viewer becomes a participant in and experiences in a very physical sense. It is this kind of work that makes up the exhibit “Teikn”.


Guðjón is among the nation’s most significant visual artists and has had over thirty solo exhibitions and taken part in collaborations around the world. He has received many recognitions and his works are on open display in various locations. For example, he participated in the collaborative exhibitions “Þríviður” in the Reykjanesbær Art Museum in 2008, which the media considered one of the best displays of the year. Guðjón’s work can be found in all main art museums of the country. We are both delighted and honored to have him here with us again in Reykjanesbær and wish to thank him for his collaboration with us. The exhibits curator is Aðalsteinn Ingólfsson, art historian, and along with him the poet Sjón writes an introductory contemplation about the “found hieroglyphs” of Guðjóns work in the exhibition catalogue and examines their conceptual message. We thank them both for their contributions.