Sveitapiltsins draumur (The country boy’s dream)

Sveitapiltsins draumur / The country boy’s dream (a reference to an Icelandic song)

On the occasion of the Night of Lights festival the photographer Vigdís Heiðrún Viggósdóttir opens the photographic series “The country boy’s dream” in the lobby in Duus Museum Thursday September 1st at 6pm. The series is connected to the series “Heimasætan” (An unmarried girl living at home) which Vigdís exhibited last year in the Duus Museum.

“The country boy’s dream” is an old and a new story, where the attitude of the society holds the individual in its shackles of prejudice and prevents him from flourishing and living according to his nature. The series tells a story of a boy in an imagery and six micro stories. A gay person has a fierce internal struggle, he seeks ways to process his negative emotions and his own prejudices which are based on the reflection of society. He deals with low self-esteem and self-destruction. So the question is, will he survive, enjoy life and allow himself to love, or does he continue to dig his own grave and live his life as a puppet?

Lives are at stake, let go of prejudices.

Love is for us all.