Silver Cross, such a luxurious prams

Silver Cross is known by many people and for some just the thought of it can bring back warm and special memories. Maybe you think about the time when you put your baby to sleep in this beautiful pram, the baby dressed in knitted clothing that a loved one had just made with love for your baby. Precious memories.
This exhibition is a creation of Thelma Björgvinsdóttir. She is a student of folklore at the University of Iceland. The idea came as she did a project in her first year of study about Silver Cross prams. That project has become bigger and will be her subject of her BA
thesis in folklore.
Interesting stories and memories come often times with prams that have been in the same family for years. Often times people have put a lot of effort in keeping up and
saving these beautiful prams because of their emotional valu for some owners.
The past lives in our memories. It is the exhibit creators wish that this exhibition makes beautiful memories and warmth in the hearts of its guests.


About the exhibition

To make this exhibition possible people from around Suðurnes were asked to help with both photos, old and new, and also in loaning their prams for the exhibition. All these people get sincere thanks. This exhibition would never have been a reality without their assistance.

Exhibit creator: Thelma Björgvinsdóttir
Exhibit director/designer: Eiríkur P. Jörundsson
Exhibit assistant: Sigríður Ragna Jónasdóttir
Exhibit carpenter/painter: Haraldur Haraldsson