Reykjanesbær: Should certain areas in this town be protected on account of significant cultural history?

A special workgroup is now working on a proposal for the oldest part of Keflavík, a part of Reykjanesbær, to be declared as a protected heritage site. The objective is to protect and take notice of the town‘s historical background. Historical setting has great social and economical value for communities, makes them more appealing and therefore contributes to better quality of life. Such places frequently become popular tourist destinations and new opportunities are born.

Your opinion is wanted

The farm Keflavík was originally located on the small field across the street from this building. The plan is to develop this area into a protected heritage site.  All the inhabitants of Reykjanesbær and other guests are invited to offer their ideas on this development through this exhibition by writing suggestions and remarks on post-it notes and pin on the wall.