Opening of the exhibition ,,Patterns of the Family"

On Friday May 31st. At 18:00 an exhibition of Erla S. Haraldsdóttir’s exhibition “”Patterns of the Family” opens in Reykjanes Art Museum.

Erla S. grew up in Sweden and has been living in Berlin for over a decade.

In Reykjanes Art Museum Erla S. exhibits new works, paintings and lithograph prints inspired by family history and memories. She finds connections to her family-based works in abstract patterns created by the Ndbele people, patterns that Erla S. explored while staying in an artist residency in South Africa.

Alongside traditional paintings created by Erla S. students from the painting department of The Reykjavik School of Visual Arts have assisted in the creation of patterns that are  painted directly on the walls of the museum. The paintings Erla S. displays came into being partly because of her interest in getting to know her roots; her foremothers and female relatives. While Erla S. studies the cultural heritage of women from another continent, the artist reminds us that today we live in a world village where people with a different cultural background need to work together in a peaceful environment

The artist and curator Inga Þórey Jóhannsdóttir will give a talk on the exhibition on June 15 at 14:00. The exhibition is open until August 18th.