November 11th at 18:00 Jóhanna Hreinsdóttir opens an exhibition in the Movie Hall in Duus Museum. 

My visual thinking that is connected to the colors and forms of nature and their emotional value is directed inwards, and floats, in its search for harmony, into the realm of the not yet known. The diversity and unpredictability of living processes are the source of my ideas. From the first brushstroke to the last many internal dialogues take place – from one moment to the next – where nothing is predetermined. The process carries forward and continually changes like life itself.

I try to capture the sensory that is prediscursive, the continually creative consciousness, the movement in its attempt to shape, to form and to determine, while at the same time undermining the form by disclosing its unpredictability. They journey inwards triggers endless discoveries, new experiences and new forms of life that give the artwork intimacy and permanence. That is how the artwork acquires its own sound.