Children’s Art Festival in Reykjanesbær

Children’s  Art Festival in Duus Museum

As part of the Children´s Art Festival in Reykjanesbær all 10 kindergartens in town, all 6 elementary schools and the Collage of Suðurnes are participating in three exhibitions you can see on display from May 4th -22nd in Duus Museum. 

Trolls and Mountains

The kindergartens exhibition this year is called Trolls and Mountains. Not every town has a “real” Giganta so the children are well known to such creatures. The children have spent a big part of winter preparing and working on the sculptures which now has formed an adventurous fantasy world that everybody can enjoy.

A sample of the best

The elementary schools exhibition is a sample of the children’s best artworks. The theme is diversity but the artworks are of all kinds and from various art and crafts classes.

Forms and Colors

The Collage of Suðurnes exhibition is called Forms and Colors. It was very enjoyable when the collage joined the Childrens Art Festival last year. Though they are not children anymore, they most likely build their artworks on what they learned and were influenced by on earlier school stages and now they can be an inspiration the younger students.