Artists from Reykjanesbær in Bíósalur

Jacek Karaczyn - born in 1986 in Kraków. He is a graduate of the Krakow Academy of Fine Arts. Jan Matejko. He graduated from the Faculty of Painting in the studio of prof. Adam Wsiołkowski. He specializes in traditional painting, wall painting, narrative drawing and art concept. For several years he worked in the renowned company Brulo mock-ups, making and co-creating models of famous objects, sculptures, spatial advertisements and museum arrangements. He was also involved in the renovation of monuments. He ran a drawing school preparing future students for entrance exams.

In Iceland, he makes drawings inspired by nature, mysticism and mythology. He tries to show this country from a child's perspective and a certain naivety, inspired by the reactions and adventures of his son.

The works are carried out in the classic drawing technique with the use of charcoal, pencil.