Above and below the Horizon

Our earth is not a stable entity; we live on its very mobile surface. The natural world is far from settled but ever changeable and inconstant. This is essentially the point of view expressed by a show entitled At The Edge of The World, a joint project of artists Elva Hreiðarsdóttir, Phyllis Ewen and Soffía Sæmundsdóttir. The show includes individual pieces, as well as collaborative works. Their work deals with the natural landscape and land formation, the transformation of nature, earth tremors and the effects of climate changes; in effect subjecting an aspect of the natural sciences to artistic processes. 

We are faced with microscopic as well as macroscopic views of nature, the methodology of cartography combined with the visual training of the artist and printing techniques that bring out the tactility of the subject matter. Hreiðarsdóttir's, Ewen's and Sæmundsdóttir's work exists in the gap between scientific inquiry and artistic perception, between logical thought and the emotions. Together they present us with a multifaceted vision of their subject.