A History Divided

A History Divided

Local History Museum´s 40th Anniversary

This exhibition is in commemoration of the 40 years since municipalities of Njarðvík and Keflavík decided to collaborate in the creation of a heritage museum to collect and preserve artefacts and photographs that have a connection to the history of the area.

The display covers the circumstances of the museum‘s foundation and its history, as well as highlighting the importance of the museum‘s work in a world where society changes fast.

History can quickly be lost to the wind but it is the role of a heritage museum to preserve the past and educate both the present and future generations of their history.

Reykjanesbær has a unique history with a sharp divide between two time periods; on one hand the fishing villages that revolved around the ocean in one way or another and on the other hand the next door presence of the Nato base and the building of the international airport that for a long time has had a major impact on the development of society in Reykjanes.